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Gwinnett Pulmonary Group has its own nationally-accredited sleep disorder center, Gwinnett Sleep, where we specialize in all types of sleep disorders. Visit our website for more information at http://www.gwinnettsleep.com.


A sleep study is a recording that includes measurements used to identify different sleep stages, breathing pattern, blood oxygen level, muscle activity and heart rhythm.


The recording is done by using small metal discs called electrodes applied to the head and the skin with an adhesive. Flexible elastic belts around the chest and abdomen measure breathing. Blood oxygen saturation is measured by a clip on index finger or earlobe. None of these devices are associated with pain, and all are designed to be as comfortable as possible. The recording generally takes between six and eight hours at night, and is performed in a comfortable and quiet private room.


The sleep study and its analysis and interpretation are part of a complex process. Many hours of work are required by specially trained professionals, including sleep technologists who process or “score” the large amount of data collected during the study. The information is then reviewed and interpreted by a physician specialized in sleep medicine. A typical study generally involves more than 800 pages of data, and may require some time to fully process it. The final report is sent to referring physician shortly after the sleep study.

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