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Financial Policy

We understand how helpful it can be to know in advance how payment arrangements are handled when a visit to the doctor's office is necessary. Outlined below are the Gwinnett Pulmonary Group's basic financial policies.

Gwinnett Pulmonary Group requires a copy of your insurance card and co-payment at the time of check-in before your visit with the physician begins.

If we participate in your insurance plan, we will file your charges with your insurance company on your behalf. If we do not participate in your insurance plan, payment for services rendered is collected at the time of service.

We are pleased to offer our uninsured patients, or those patients who have insurance in which we do not participate, a variety of payment plan options. Please contact our insurance department for further details at (770) 995-0630 (Ext. 118 or 119).

After we file your insurance, we will wait 60 days for payment from your insurance company. If payment has not been received within 60 days, we will turn the account over to patient responsibility. We ask that you follow up with your insurance company to make sure your claims are processed in a timely manner. Please communicate your findings to us so that we may remain on sound financial footing.

Although we are reluctant to do so, we utilize a collection agency for accounts not paid within 90 days. Once an account has been sent to the collection agency, it cannot be retrieved. Your insurance company will respond to your inquires more quickly than ours. We have found that patients who maintain timely communication with their insurance company to ensure their claim is processed appropriately are able to avoid the collection process. Prompt payment of any balances remaining after insurance has paid will keep your account in good standing.

Charges for lab services performed outside of our office are billed separately and are not typically included with the physician's bill.

Request for medical records are handled promptly, but sometimes records must be retrieved from storage. Our charges for copying medical records are based on the charges set forth by the Georgia Office of Planning and Budget pursuant to O.C.G.A 31-33-3. In order to comply with HIPAA regulations, a signed, written request for medical records must be received along with payment before records can be released.

Varying fees are charged for forms and letters that may be requested.

Please let us know at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time if you will not be able to keep your appointment. Appointments not cancelled in a timely manner will be assessed a "No Show" fee.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as cash and personal checks drawn on a local bank with preprinted name, address and phone number.

Personal checks returned for insufficient funds are assessed a $30 fee. Checks that are returned by the bank as non-paid are assessed a $30 bad check fee. The amount of the non-paid check plus the $30 bad check fee are due within 10 days. We reserve the right to require payment of the non-paid check and the bad check fee by a method other than check (cash, credit/debit, money order). Failure to rectify this situation within 10 days, will result in the account being sent to our collection agency.